Transformed yacht station to benefit tourists and local economy


Yarmouth’s yacht station has been given a £25,000 revamp by the Broads

Authority to turn it into a welcoming visitor information centre


new building , situated on the River Bure near Great Yarmouth, was officially

opened by the town’s mayor John Burroughs on 26 July.


building, on Tar Works Road, is at the gateway to Great Yarmouth for those

coming in by boat and Broads Authority (BA) quay attendants work

from 8am to

8pm daily


help visitors with anything from mooring to advice about the town’s


Dr John

Packman, Broads Authority chief executive, said: ‘Great Yarmouth is pivotal to

the Broads network, connecting northern and southern waterways, but until

recently the station at this strategic point was cramped, dingy and uninviting.

‘So we carried

out a facelift which has transformed the station over recent months into a

bright, inspiring visitor information centre where people can feel welcomed,

informed and enlightened about the special qualities of the Broads and all that

Great Yarmouth has to offer.’


interactive touch screen has been installed for those wanting to find out more

about local wildlife, heritage and

waterland while a plasma screen provides boat safety information.


Packman added: ‘Engaging décor and interpretation work, including artwork kindly

provided free by local printmaker Rob Barnes and a wonderful frieze relating

memoirs of a wherry man, has completely changed the look of the building.

‘The makeover meant the building was pulled under more of a

visitor information centre umbrella, with the space opened out to form an

information point for visitors and completely changed to look far more enticing

and to be a more meaningful part of the Broads experience.’


£25,000 project was all designed, illustrated and carried out in house by the BA

with the support of Great Yarmouth Borough Council’s tourism department who

have provided a map outside so if visitors arrive when it is closed they can

find out local information.

Picture: The Great Yarmouth Yacht Station opening July 2013. Credit: Julian Claxton Photography