Sigmund, the fraudulent casualty... Editor David Pugh welcomes you to the latest issue of Practical Boat Owner magazine.

She’s afloat! After two years’ hard graft, my brother and I finally got our Contessa 26 Red Dragon in the water just as the last issue of PBO went to press.

With shiny new paint on her hull and deck, shiny new varnish down below, a new heads, heater, double berth conversion and completely overhauled diesel, wiring and gas systems, she almost looks like a new boat.

As such, she should be pleased. But I couldn’t help feeling that she was sighing with frustration as we fiddled around for another day rigging, stowing and carrying out the myriad tasks which seem to need carrying out before the sails can finally go up.

A bit like an excitable dog which has been at home waiting for its owners all day, she was raring to go sailies.

And so we did. Her first trip was a fairly tame motor down the ever-beautiful river from Wareham to her mooring in Poole Harbour, but shortly afterwards as the sun began to finally convince us that summer was on its way, we hoisted sail and she returned joyfully to her natural element.

There’s nothing like that first sail of the season.

With a clean bottom and minimal accumulation of cruising junk on board, combined with the enthusiastic breezes of springtime, the boat really flies. We didn’t go far, but we didn’t need to – there was just a simple, soul-reviving pleasure to feel the quickening of the helm as the boat leaned to the warm north-easterly and began her familiar throaty chuckle.

With a whole season ahead it’s a sound full of promise, and although British weather has an infinite capacity to disappoint, I’m sure I’m in company with every boat owner in the country in keeping everything crossed that this year will be different.

I’m not alone in sailing a shiny boat this season. PBO’s deputy editor Ben Meakins has just finished repainting his Hunter Impala Polly: you can read all about it starting on page 35 of the latest issue.

Spurred on by storage fees and the oncoming spring racing calendar, he managed the job in shorter order than I did, but we have one thing very much in common – we’re now both paranoid about bashing paintwork. Ben’s wife Steph has even made a fleecy blanket in faux-Poodle fabric to come between the fender socks and the new paint.

This paranoia makes it even more generous of Ben to volunteer Polly for our latest article on man overboard recovery techniques (see pages 30-33).

Lumpenly assisted by the Sigma 38 association’s lifesized recovery dummy Sigmund, we tried out a range of techniques to get you back to a casualty as fast as possible, while a camera drone hovered overhead to give a different perspective on the manoeuvres.

We’ve posted the resulting videos online: we’re pleased with the result which, we think, is much easier to follow than sea-level videos of the same techniques.

Whilst mentioning our MOB article, I should offer an apology to the bo’sun of the Royal Southern YC, who fruitlessly hared up the Hamble to Polly’s mid-river mooring following reports of a person slumped on the pontoon. We had left Sigmund there to dry, but the report was probably not helped by my having done a First Aid course the previous day and electing to place him in the recovery position. No crew were really harmed in the making of this article.

For those looking for an update on our Secret project, she was last heard of on a container ship leaving Singapore – coincidentally, the place where our last project Hantu Biru spent a few years of her life. She’s on her way to Turkey now, and we hope to take receipt of her later this month.

Meanwhile, happy sailing!

Fair winds,
David Pugh

David Pugh, PBO editor

David Pugh, PBO editor


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