November 2014

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In the November 2014 issue of Practical Boat Owner...

PBO Cover Nov 2014

The truth about hybrids: Fuel saver or dead weight?

PBO TESTED - 9 dehumidifiers: Which is best for keeping the winter damp out of your boat’s interior?

PBO TESTED - Towed generators: Serious onboard power

PBO Project Boat - It is a straightforward job if you know where to start and stop the tape measure

Classic small cruisers: Peter K Poland shares his choice of 20 to 23ft boats that won’t break the bank

Antifouling: Old, new, or not at all?

How to moor safely for winter gales: Keep your boat safe in winter storms

Plastic teak: A DIY fix for a tatty cockpit

PBO TESTED - Duchy 27 motor launch: For a princely sum, you can have a motor launch fit for a duke...

Sheathing and laminating with epoxy: Working with glass cloth and building strong, curved shapes

Dutch day boats: Modern twists on the traditional sloep

Marooned on a deserted island: A dream cruise becomes a nightmare for a seasick, tired crew when they run aground

Crossing the Bay of Biscay: Implementing preparation and planning ideas, plus tips to ensure a routine crossing

Make a hooked scarf joint: Providing strength when two joined pieces of wood are structural parts

Build a dinghy trolley: ...and make new oars from old
PLUS more tips from readers

Sailing out the anchor: Tips from the PBO Sketchbook

Cruising the Western Isles: Scenic splendour en route from Kintyre to the Treshnish Isles


Waiting for the tide: PBO editor David Pugh welcomes you to the magazine - sign up for David's free monthly e-newsletter at:

Columnist Dave Selby: A boat shed that comes with a conundrum

Columnist Sam Llewellyn: Classifying wind events on sea lochs

Monthly musings from Andrew Simpson: On ‘stocking one’s shelf with experience’

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News: Boats seized by multi-agency officers, inaugural Bart’s Bash breaks world record, boat show sales boom... and more

Regional news: Farewell to Portland Coastguard, rescue of a solar-powered boat, drunk skipper in court, Bideford Bar warning... and more

Readers' letters: your views

Ask the experts: Potential problems with biodiesel, in-mast furling, orange-peel paint – and more reader queries answered

New gear: PBO takes a first look at the latest marine products

Around Scotland: A circumnavigation around the top of Scotland and the Northern Isles

Checking out Cherbourg: A visit to the newly-refurbished marina, plus attractions in the town itself

Stunning Sark: Anchorages and moorings on the fourth-largest of the Channel Isles

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