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Practical Boat Owner is a monthly magazine bringing you the latest boating news and expert practical advice.

Castlebay village with Kisimul Castle in the foreground

Charmian Entwistle recommends Castlebay, Barra as a charming stopping-off point when visiting the Outer Hebrides...

It is claimed that the island of Bornholm has more sunny days than anywhere else in Denmark. In summer the sun does certainly seem to shine constantly, and a high…

Going aloft to the masthead can be tricky at the best of times on a calm day in a marina – and even more so at sea. In our November…

Small power boat wrecked at Le Picquerel. Credit: Peter Frankland

storm force winds rattled through the islands during January causing damage to sea defences particularly along Guernsey’s North West coastline, writes John Frankland.

St Helena_Anchorage and Foreshore from Ladder Hill

PBO reader John Apps sails to St Helena, an island so full of superlatives he has to pinch himself to ensure he didn’t dream his visit